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Poly-Bottle Ventilation Caps
Poly-Bottle Ventilation Caps (PBVCs) provide ventilation of hydrogen and other explosive gases generated in liquids that contain as much as 140 gram of solublized plutonium or uranium

PBVCs will not allow liquid release at pressure up to 10PSIG

PBVCs allow hydrogen gas to permeate at greater than 5 E-06 mol/sec/mol fraction

Eliminated the need for operators to "Remember" to close and open the screw top closure when transporting a bottle from one area to another

Eliminates costly spills and cleanup of contaminated solution

Chemical compatibility tested with 12 molar HCL, HNO3, KOH, CCL4, TCE and organic hydrocarbons

Available in Fluorinated HDP E for super chemical/Solvent compatibility

Poly-Bottle Ventilation Caps (NucFil-PBVCs), prevent liquid release if a bottle is inadvertently tipped over, yet a thermally bonded semi-permeable membrane allows hydrogen and other explosive gasses to diffuse out of the bottle. The risk of explosive mixtures of gas is eliminated, yet over-pressurization of the bottle cannot occur. Also, the risk of the polyethylene bottle becoming brittle and failing is eliminated.


Poly-Bottle Ventilation Cap