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Nuclear Material Containers (NMCs) With Lead Free Pewter Over Pack

Nuclear Material Storage Containers are all stainless steel containers that provide a 100% reliable seal using Nuclear Filter Technology's Patented threaded Screw Top Closure (Pat 5,911,332 and 5,727,707)

Helium Leak Tested to 10-7 cc/sec.

Complete Lid and Can inter-changeability with standard closure indicators

Seals with "Finger-Tight" screw top closure i.e. less than 8 Ft-Lbs torque on largest 12 liter size

Seals with Viton radiation resistant O-ring

Meets DOE Recommendations 94-1 for interim safe storage of plutonium bearing materials

Equipped with a certified carbon-carbon NucFil-013 HEPA drum vent filter that meets WIPP WAC and SAR Section 1.3.5.

  • H2 permeability exceeds 10 E-06 mol/s/mol frac.
  • Greater than 99.97% removal of 0.45 micron DOP
  • Greater than 200ml/min air flow capacity at <1.0" W.C.

Passes DOT 7A drop test, vibrations test, dart impact, and water entry spray test

Nuclear criticality safe design

Lead free Pewter radiation shielding over-pack (shown) is available for fast, safe and reliable contact handled transportation

Available in 1,3,5,8 and 12 liter sizes

All sizes nest within each other


CNC lathes used for NMC production