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Hydrogen Gas Generation Test Canisters LATA / RFETS

Gas Generation Test Canisters
Gas Generation Test Canisters utilize the "Bell Jar" technology developed by Los Alamos Technical Associates, LATA, at the Rocky Flats Plant.

The Bell Jar Technology was a breakthrough in proving safe TRUPACT II shipping od drums without the cost of repackaging.

Designed by LATA and manufactured by Nuclear Filter, GGTCs meet NQA-1 requirements and the Gas Generation Testing program operated by LATA at RFETS and passed a WIPP Audit.

Cost savings at Rocky Flats are estimated at $37 million.

Hydrogen gas samples are taken at 18 or 96 hour intervals (depending on if the test is conducted at room temperature or at 63.3 Celsius).

Software developed by LATA converts the analysis output into wattage limits which determine if the drum is shippable as is, or must be repackaged.

In 90% of the drums tested (depending on IDC), The drum is shippable without repackaging.

35 GGTC's are in operation at RFETS where over 1000 drums have been tested.

Nuclear Filter and LATA are teaming together to bring Gas Generation Test Services, as well as Mobile Inorganic Gas and Analysis Test Services to all DOE Sites as well as provide Mobile Vendor Services.


Hydrogen Generation Test Canisters

304 liter hydrogen GGTC