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Drum Vent System and Purge Filters For Head Space Ventilation and Gas Characterization

Drum Vent System Filters
Nuclear Filter Technology's Drum Vent System (DVS) Filters are installed by one of the DVS machines designed, engineered and manufactured by Nuclear Filter Nucfil®.

Three DVS filters are certified carbon-carbon Nucfil® HEPA drum vent filters, that meet WIPP WAC and SAR Section 1.3.5. Requirements;
H2 permeability exceeds 5 E-06 mol/s/mol frac.
Remove Greater than 99.97% removal of 0.45 micron DOP
Provides Greater than 200ml/min air flow capacity

The DVS Design has been tested and passed DOT 7A drop test, vibrations test, dark impact, and water entry test.

NQA-1 Quality Assurance
All products are manufactured to meet quality requirements of ASME Nuclear Quality Assurance-1 (NQA-1). Nuclear Filter Technology is an Approved Supplier to Savannah River Site, Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, Los Alamos National Labs and others.