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Background & Milestones
Founded in 1984 on A Technology Transfer
Quality Assurance Program Meets ASME Nuclear Quality assurance Level 1 (NQA-1) requirements
Privatization of DOE HEPA Filter Test Facility (1993)
1997 Awarded Two Year Contract to Supply RFP With Nuclear Material Containers
Internal R & D Has Produced 13 US patents, 2 pending, 4 patents are foreign filed
February 1999, Awarded Contract for LANL NMC 1500 units
Manufactured Under the Registered Trademark NucFil
SRS DVS Operations have vented and characterized 11,000 TRU waste drum
NTS DVS operations vented and characterized 450 TRU drums that are Fully WIPP compliant
Awarded Contract for Mobile Vendor Services to be performed at CAO, and Small Quantity Sites (4/00)
Full Machine shop Capability with 35 employees
Sales have grown 10 fold over the last three years
At RFETS: Gas Gen Canisters Saved $20 million; HEPA Filtered Bags Saved $20 million


Mission Statement
Nuclear Filter Technology, established in 1984, is dedicated to providing superior packages and filtration technologies for storage and ventilation of nuclear and hazardous waste materials. Nuclear Filter Technology is the industry leader in the measurement of hydrogen gas permeability and provides a full suite of engineering, design, fabrication and analytical services.

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